Waking Up Work: Using Mindfulness to Uncover the Unknowns and Do the Right Thing


         Why are we so divided? Why is it so difficult to find consensus around what is right? How can we better work together? In this new approach toward mitigating company risk and doing the right thing, you will gain firsthand knowledge in best practices for applying effective mindfulness techniques to your company. The twenty-six awareness tools presented in Timothy R. Velner’s, Waking Up Work, will give you practical steps toward mindfulness that will help your company and employees flesh out unknowns and do the right thing. Once you understand how to navigate your decisions through mindfulness, the application of those same methods to improve your company culture will seem inevitable. The tools and techniques offered in this innovative book will allow you to become aware of potential issues in your business and find solutions for getting you back on the right path. Mindfulness applied to business means a heightened opportunity for your company will spot potential problems before they arise.

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