• Excellent presentation.   Presented a thought-provoking, deeper review of how our minds work, why we do what we do, and how to be more critical thinking and take back our own self.
  • Excellent and thought provoking.   An excellent topic for bias credit.
  • Wow!   Is there going to be a recording for this so I can watch the part I missed?
  • Really interesting and insightful.
  • Fantastic presentation.   So authentic and vulnerable.
  • Good information.
  • Powerful message; informative on howe we need to look at things that impact us.
  • I really enjoyed the book overall, as the biggest statement that stuck out to me that I’ll always remember is, “there are only two things we must do in life: decide and die.”  Some of the more impactful segments were the narratives pertaining to personal experience!  I really appreciate the profound level of authenticity that comes through as well as the vulnerability you expressed as a parent.  I also really liked Part Four/Practical Tools, as I think the suggestions you made were an easy-to-understand, logical roadmap that can be immediately put into practice.
  • This CLE was the best one I’ve heard in my 20 years of listening/participating in MN CLE programs.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being totally helpful, how helpful is this site?

Thank you for offering the Seminar that was excellent in all regards.
Charles A.

I am really enjoying the presentation.

Interesting presentation. I must say I do incorporate a great deal of what is suggested and truly appreciate my support staff. Good stuff.

can i get speaker contact info? i would like to have him speak at our firm!

William A.

Great presentation today. Really enjoyed it.
Jeh S.

Thank you for the informative and sensitive CLE.

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