What is the most important, life changing, question you will ever ask, or more likely, not ask?

Why are we so divided?  

Why do so few people step up when the situation demands it?

Why is it so difficult to find consensus around what is right?

How can we better work together?

In his fun and exciting book, Waking Up Work, Timothy Velner addresses these questions through the lenses of law, philosophy, social psychology and mindfulness.   He walks the reader through how the answers to these questions create blind spots in our awareness, and then provides 26 practical tools through which we can increase our individual and company awareness to grow, mitigate risk and do the right thing.

 “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Max Plank – Forefather of Quantum Mechanics

“If you don’t use you, someone else will.”   Carolyn Myss – Writer/Speaker on Human Consciousness

About Waking Up Work

Reduce risk, flesh out the unknowns and do the right thing by mastering mindfulness in the workplace.   In this current chaotic world, mindfulness as a practice and way of self-improvement has become commonplace. But those same techniques for increasing awareness, honoring individuality, and sharing perspective are not just for the individual anymore. Through twenty-six awareness tools, Waking Up Work provides guidance in applying mindfulness to the world of business.


With this practical approach, readers will discover how mindfulness can help improve company culture, identify risks, and allow companies to stay focused on doing the right thing. Drawing from personal experiences and examples, Waking Up Work walks the reader through how the strategic application of mindfulness to business is an effective approach to foster growth, mitigate risk and do the right thing.


The innovative ideas presented in Waking Up Work will help wake up employers and employees, and point the way forward for building a business and establishing effective working relationships that draw out the unique perspectives and insights of each employee.

About the Author

Timothy R. Velner has been an attorney for over twenty-five years managing transactions, litigation and disputes at various law firms, companies and clinics ranging from a division of the largest privately held corporation in the United States to the Legal Aid Society.  In late 1990s he took a brief hiatus to study religion and spirituality at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.   Through this unique experience and his capacity to see first-hand when things go wrong, he has distilled commonality to risk and how it can be mitigated through awareness.  He combines his knowledge of law and spirituality with anecdotal life experiences, social psychology and philosophy to provide the reader twenty-six practical tools to flesh out unknowns, mitigate risk and do the right thing.

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Interesting presentation. I must say I do incorporate a great deal of what is suggested and truly appreciate my support staff. Good stuff.

I am really enjoying the presentation.

Thank you for offering the Seminar that was excellent in all regards.
Charles A.

can i get speaker contact info? i would like to have him speak at our firm!

William A.

Great presentation today. Really enjoyed it.
Jeh S.

Thank you for the informative and sensitive CLE.

Work Shops

The Waking Up team is available for Company Work Shops


Creating Company and Departmental Awareness

  • Examining individual, departmental and company defaults
  • Uncovering the White Lab Coats
  • Creating personal wake-up reminders
  • Creating company and departmental symbols

Establishing a Culture

  • Creating Purpose
    • Company-wide
    • Departmental-wide
    • Personal
  • Keeping it Alive
  • Intentional Evolution

Creating an Environment to Speak Against Situational Gravity

  • Acknowledgements, awards and incentives
  • Fostering Personal Value
  • Creating Reminders

Establishing an Environment for Vulnerability

  • Why It’s So Hard and Important
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Making it Fun

Establishing Employee Connection

  • Finding Diversity Within the Company
    • Thinking
    • Experiences
    • Goals
  • Establishing Informal Interaction and a Common Goal
  • Creating Opportunities

Maximizing Diversity

  • For Whose Benefit
  • Avoiding Triteness
  • Panning for Gold

The Waking Up team is available for Company Work Shops, contact the author here

Alarm Clock/Wake Up Activities

• Pick Up Garbage
• See the Uniqueness of Each Tree as you Walk
• Sit in the Front Row of a Presentation
• Volunteer for Something You Know Nothing About
• Raise Your Hand
• Sit Alone
• Ask Someone You Don’t Know to Lunch
• Drive a New Way Home
• See a Difference in Another and Ask What Can I Learn
• Ask Yourself: “Would I Be Proud of this Decision on My Deathbed?”
• Reflect – Do – Repeat

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